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About us

Welcome to Rustic & Concept, your main source of inspiration and comfort. We strive to bring you the best for desining a perfect interior, with an emphasis on authenticity and eco-friendliness.

The store was founded by us, George and Helen. We are a married couple. Our story began when a young Helen left her family home in a small town and made her way to the big metropolis. Although she was living in a very lovingly family, she always wanted to find herself, to become self-fulfilled. It was that passion that took her to a big metropolis to pursue her dream after graduating from college. After many efforts to achieve her happiness, she still missed that home warmth and family. When she finally met the man she loved, George, she found a new family, and yet the longing for farmhouse coziness didn't fade. George was born in the big metropolis and he couldn't fully understand Helen's homesickness. When Helen first went with her significant other to her parents' house in the countryside, he was charmed and fascinated by the warmth and comfort of the farmhouse. All the furniture, dishes, and decorations were a new inspiration to him.

At that moment, we realized that there were many like us around. People who are bored, but fascinated by the rustic spirit and who want to bring it into their homes.

We implemented the idea of that rustic spirit into the idea of our store. Now, we serve clients in the USA and we are very excited to be a part of a great community that support homegrown manufacturers. Buying each product supports the rights and opportunities of women in the handicraft industry and helps to create workplaces for the development of the local manufacturers.
Our mission is to help you to build your dream home and dive into the rustic style and cozy atmosphere.

Our hope is that you will enjoy our products as we enjoy offering them to you. If there are any questions or complaints, feel free to contact us.